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Neurological Chiropractor in Huntsville InVision Chiropractic


It's time we started looking at healthcare in a new way

We are out to change the generational cycle of sickness and disease in Huntsville. That’s our mission. Our Invest In What Matters program is not only changing people’s perspective about health, it’s changing their lives.

What's It All About?

Building back the health of our Huntsville, AL community is our mission.  We understand that the conveniences of modern day living have directly impacted the health of ourselves, our families and our community, and not necessarily for the better.

We believe, and science confirms, that giving the body what it needs to function ideally allows it to respond better, adapt better, and heal better.  We partner with our patients to move beyond just viewing pain as the indicator of health.  While ill health most likely includes pain, we should never consider   the absence of pain as “good health”.  It’s all about how our bodies are functioning, and it’s this very process of functioning that determines our health.


Outside of direct trauma, virtually every experience in our life is determined by some process.  Unfortunately, defining our health by the consequences of this process only serves to maintain our ill health and continue the process.  Fortunately, there is an answer, and it starts with one question: "Why?"  Why do I have headaches?  Why do I have (insert any condition)?  Why can’t I sleep?  Why can’t I focus?  Understanding the “why” that causes your condition is the first major step in getting well.


We get it!  Life is stressful! Today’s stress demands so much more from us.  How do we handle it?   We can wait until our processes erode and consequences arise, medicate the symptoms, and keep on going.  OR, we can improve our ability to live in the face of increasing stress.  This is the KEY to improved health!

The truth is, your body has the POTENTIAL capacity to handle the stress and busyness of life, but that doesn’t translate into ACTUAL capacity. Building actual capacity is part of life’s journey.  The body needs capacity to function, to heal and to flourish.  We need structural capacity to handle the physical demands of daily living; neurological capacity to process those demands in the most beneficial way possible; nutritional capacity to fuel the system appropriately and repair anything along the way.

How do we maintain that balance between demands and capacity?  Can we prepare for it, or do we just wait until it destroys us?  We can all agree that the stress in our lives has gotten worse.  Modern day life is stressful.  Yet, increasing your capacity allows the systems to relax, reset, and replenish.  This is the real key to better function and better health.


How Can I Build Capacity?

Often people think that age plays a big role in how the body deals with stress or weight gain or any other major health complication. The truth is that it has nothing to do with age but it has everything to do with function. Check out the three main areas where capacity can be built.

1. Structure

This is the foundation for movement in your body. Your posture: how you are standing, sitting and even sleeping are all reflections of, as well as contributors to this system. The input you give and the output you get influence how it works.  The arches in your feet; the curve in your back and neck; the position of your shoulders all contribute and reflect how much capacity you have in this system. But remember, your muscles move your structure and your nerves control your muscles. Understanding the processes that lead to structural problems is key to maximizing your structural balance and efficiency. It’s more than just putting things in place. This is what builds actual capacity.

2. Nutrition

Let’s face it.  We simply do not have the foundational nutrition that we need.  Whether is due to time or money, we just don’t do it.  And the foods that we do eat are far from nutritious.  Even the medications we take are a significant stressor to our nutritional capacity.  Unfortunately, we know that virtually every disease can be traced back to poor nutrition.  We provide foundational nutrition guidance as well as specific, targeted nutritional guidance so our patients can maximize their nutritional capacity. If you're looking for nutritional support in Huntsville, you've found the right place. 

3. Neurology

This is the “keystone” that makes it all work.  Your brain and nervous system takes what you have, as well as what you’ve provided and uses it to operate your system of systems the best way it can.  Caring for your brain and nervous system should be a daily ritual, yet most people just cruse along, until they can’t.  

We know that outside of direct trauma, virtually every problem is the result of some process, and it’s your brain and nervous system that carry out this process.  Truly helping people has to be more than just managing their problems.  Truly helping people involves caring for what cares for them.  

We develop specific strategies for our patients to help regain what they’ve lost, relearn what’s been forgotten and expand what’s available.  Capacity is a building process that involves all three areas. We offer multiple strategies to achieve these, but three crucial therapies are BrainTap, NeuroTracker, and NeuroInfiniti. We house these services under our "NeuroVision"arm of InVision Chiropractic.

Our patients have had incredible success using these neurological, nutritional, and structural therapies. If you have questions about this - or any other services we offer - call us (256) 489-6605.

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