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Life Ionizers Water

life ionizers water

Life Ionized water system in Huntsville, AL
New to ionized water?
Watch this quick video for the amazing health benefits it brings!

Over 50 Years of Scientific Studies – The Resulting Benefits

People have been drinking alkaline water for centuries for its health-restorative properties. What makes this water healthy is its alkaline pH balance, the minerals in it, and the fact that those minerals are easier for the body to absorb than they are from food.


In fact, according to the World Health Organization, minerals are absorbed 30% faster and easier from water than they are from food! There are a few protected springs in the world where Alkaline water can be found in nature. If you aren’t lucky enough to live by one of those springs, you can get alkaline water from a water ionizer.

The reason why alkaline water for health is becoming very popular is that many people have experienced its benefits firsthand, and they’re telling their friends! Pop superstar Beyonce Knowles won’t go on tour without it! Pro athletes like Derrick Lee and Barry Zeto swear by their LIFE water ionizers because of the difference alkaline water by LIFE Ionizers makes in their workouts.

You can harness the amazing health benefits of ionized water with your own LIFE water system in your home!

Feel free to try some next time you're in our office - or better yet, get one for your home by clicking the "SHOP NOW" button below. As always, if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment with an expert chiropractor at InVision Chiropractic, call us at (256) 489-6605.

Ionized Water in Huntsville, AL
pH Balance for health
Hydration with Ionized Water

How does ionized
water work?

Take a look at this video for a great, easy to understand explanation. You can also click here for just one of the studies that show the amazing power alkaline ionized water has to fight free radicals and the oxidation process.

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