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It's time we started looking at healthcare in a new way

We are out to change the generational cycle of sickness and disease in Huntsville. That’s our mission. Our Invest In What Matters program is not only changing people’s perspective about health, it’s changing their lives.

What's It All About?

To build the health of Huntsville community, it’s all about how your body is functioning. At the very core we should be asking ourselves, “How big is my capacity”? What we mean by this is that life is coming at us in buckets. We are living our lives and running around and spending energy all day long all the while accumulating stress. That’s just life. The problem is we are trying to manage these buckets using a cup for capacity. It’s not going to work. There’s going to be spillage and stuff is just going to get messy. There will be symptoms of fatigue, headaches, you name it. This is the body fighting to deal with huge loads of stress when it doesn’t have the capacity to handle it all.The truth is your body has the POTENTIAL capacity to handle the stress and busyness of life but that doesn’t translate to ACTUAL capacity. That’s what you have to understand so you can start investing in MORE capacity. So, “How big is your capacity”? We want to help you not only answer this question but help you build the areas of your life where that capacity may be lost. It’s not about better technology but better FUNCTION.

How Can I Build Capacity?

Often people think that age plays a big role in how the body deals with stress or weight gain or any other major health complication. The truth is that it has nothing to do with age but it has everything to do with function. Check out the three main areas where capacity can be built.

1. Structure

This is the physical alignment of your body. Your posture and your gait and how it all works together for your body’s potential capacity. Some of the ways we can help better your structure and alignment outside of regular chiropractic adjustments are looking at accessories like pillows, chairs, and even your shoes.

2. Nutrition

Foods and medication that you ingest are a big part of nutritional stress. Is what you’re eating building your capacity or taking it away? To compensate for the buckets you’re dealing with we often provide suggestions for supplements that will give your body the ability to process food better. This creates more nutritional capacity. This also includes taking proper probiotics to help detoxify your body.

3. Neurology

InVision Chiropractic is one of the best neurological chiropractors in Hunstville, AL. We use BrainTap technology which helps recharge your brain allowing you to manage stress properly. This particular therapy helps your brain recover from what you do every single day. Your brain can bleed off your capacity if not recharged, so the Brain Tap therapy is designed to increase neurological capacity. 

We also offer NeuroInfiniti as a way to help those who have lost the ability to operate easily. It helps train your brain to bring balance back to your nervous system. 

If you think of dancing the tango, some will just need to be reminded of the steps (BrainTap) while others need to learn the steps all together (NeuroInfiniti).

Our patients have had incredible success using these neurological therapies. If you have questions about this - or any other services we offer - call us (256) 489-6605.